Meet the Team

Anna Hope


I have 18 years’ experience in community self-build, having spent time as a Director of Ashley Vale Action Group and building my own timber-framed home as part of the Ashley Vale self build project in Bristol. I also previously worked for 10 years on science and evidence, policy development and communication in the environment sector.

More recently, caring for my two children has given me a wider perspective on the importance of creating strong, empowered and sustainable communities where people trust one other and help each other out and children can play safely outdoors.

I’m one of the founding directors of Ecomotive and day-to-day I am responsible for coordinating and delivering our collective housing project support programme, workshops, tours, events and consultancy services as well as researching new models and opportunities in the community-led self build sector.

In 2018 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship, which is supporting me to visit Germany, Holland, Australia and New Zealand to research alternative models of housing delivery and bring back knowledge to support the growth of the self build and community-led housing sector in the UK.


Jackson Moulding


Jackson has worked in the field of community led housing over the last 19 years. With a background in environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy Jackson moved into the area of group self-build projects through his involvement in the creation of the Ashley Vale Self Build scheme of 40 homes in Bristol. The project has received a number of awards and was instrumental in leading Jackson along a path towards unblocking the barriers so that more people could benefit through alternative forms of housing delivery in the UK.

Since this first housing project, Jackson became one of the founding members in 2008 and Vice-Chair of NaCSBA (the National Custom and Self Build Association), for 8 years, in raising the profile of community-led self build sector with national and local government and the housing industry. In 2010, Jackson led the set up of the Bristol Community Land Trust and became the Self Finish Development Manager on its inaugural development of 12 affordable homes. 

Jackson now leads on supporting other housing delivery organisation in the hands on training and management of their self-finish programmes.

Jackson is also lead on the SNUG home programme, a customisable self-finish-able, modular eco-home, aimed at providing a more affordable route for a low-carbon low-impact home. This is now in construction in Bristol, as part of Ecomotive's recently set up pop-up training and workshop facility.

Jackson remains a director of the Ashley Vale Action Group, and in 2018 led the purchase of Bridge Farm, a 3.5 acre site, which through community involvement, aims to create a self-build/self-finish housing scheme of around 35 land based agriculturally connected homes.

He is a fellow of the School For Social Entrepreneurs and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, and in 2015 was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship to explore innovative design and construction of small dwellings within a community context in Japan, USA and Canada. Last year, he spent five weeks exploring community led housing in Australia and New Zealand, and has ambitions to compile his findings at some point in the not too distant future.


Thomas Beale


I’m a freelancer specialising in supporting social enterprise and mission-led businesses and work with Ecomotive as an associate community-led housing enabler and consultant.

At the heart of my work is supporting people to match their values and aspirations for social change with a business and financial strategy that supports rather than compromises their aspirations.

In particular I offer project coaching and business strategy support to individuals and groups to get new community projects and social enterprises off the ground; supporting businesses through financial crises and disputes; governance and legal structures; funding advice and direct fund raising; debt finance; business and strategic planning; and use of various models including theory of change, business planning canvas and logical framework planning.

My experience includes many years as a funding advisor and assessor for the Scarman Trust and Big Lottery, I was finance director of Coexist CIC from 2012-16, cofounder of Bristol Energy Coop and Bristol Green Doors CIC and provided business strategy and finance support for property developer and homeless accommodation provider Connolly and Callaghan Group from 2010 to 2016.


Leah Eatwell

profile pic.jpg

My background is in community project management and have always had a passion for investigating, enabling and contributing to community. A core question and thread that runs through all I do, is to ask how people can participate in grassroots self organising in a meaningful way to create communities that act as a stable ground to contribute to individual empowerment that overflows to contribute to the wider empowerment of society.

I believe that living in collaborative, cooperative, harmonious community goes a long way towards offering solutions to all major societal epidemics that we face today through overcoming isolationism and disconnection, inspiring engagement with, and implantation of sustainable and practical solutions that in turn support ecological and mental health issues.

Delighted to be part of the Ecomotive team, I enjoy supporting the effective delivery of current projects, as well as contribute to their much wider aspirations to see how we can have the most beneficial impact on the housing sector and Bristol City at large.

Other positions held: Director, Confederation of Cooperative Housing

Qualifications include: Community led-housing enabler & Art of Hosting

Recent experience includes: Co-founding Fishponds Co-Build project, a grassroots community led housing group, who secured their own site in Fishponds, Bristol, with a mission to develop it into an affordable flagship eco community development. I supported this group in the roles of both managing director & project manager.


Alex Dutton


Alex is an RIBA registered architect with over 18 years experience in practice in the UK, having worked at award winning architectural practices  Stride Treglown in Bristol and Richard Partington Architects in London, before joining Barton Willmore in Reading to work in masterplanning and urban design. Alex joined Ecomotive in 2017 to oversee the masterplanning and architectural design services.

He is a residential specialist and has worked extensively in the sector from strategic masterplanning to on-site delivery of projects ranging from 3,500 homes to single listed buildings.

Alex has significant experience in high quality residential schemes, especially and low-energy, brown-field developments on often difficult sites, for example the Healthy New Town Whitehill & Bordon in Hampshire. He was a member of the Zero Carbon Hub team responsible for setting the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard and believes buildings should be robust and easy to use, not over-reliant upon technology and crafted to be inspiring additions to our communities. Alex has managed projects from inception to completion, leading the design and technical development and also advising clients on sustainability issues.

Having grown up in the Netherlands, Alex is passionate about the design quality of new homes in the UK and the role of residents in the design and construction process and is behind the award winning modular SNUG Homes; an off-site low-energy affordable housing initiative aimed at bring quality, sustainable design to the public.


Michelle Asher


Since I was a child, my passion has been to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Combined with a passion for communication, attention to detail, numbers and systems, I work as bookkeeper, account manager and project coordinator for Ecomotive’s Local Self Build Register, providing an intelligent register for Local Authorities around the UK.

The wish to serve the local community, the environment and to contribute to lasting change are some of my favourite aspects of this brilliant social enterprise…as well as the amazing team!

Outside of the office, I am the proud mother of my now 8 year old daughter and work as a Happy Parent trainer, hosting local trainings empowering parents and caregivers to overcome challenges through gaining familiarity with our innate, always-on stability, love and clarity.