Helping self-builders work and learn together

Self-Build Management

Building your own home is a major undertaking even for the most skilled builders. However, through collaboration, training, and collective working practices, the process can be significantly demystified, allowing far more people to consider playing an active role in building all or part of their new home themselves.

Ecomotive are experienced self-build and self-finish managers, and can support your group to work effectively, safely and enjoyably.

This may include:

  • Site co-ordination, phasing, health and safety, and management or access.

  • Providing and coordinating training and skills based learning for self-builders or self-finishers.

  • Management of collective work days or collaborative construction projects.

  • Providing direct support to individuals or families.

  • Coordination of procurement, for site wide expenditure or coordinating purchasing between different self-builders.

Ecomotive supported the completion of Bristol Community Land Trust’s Fishponds Road development by the residents, who self-finished their homes and apartments and collaborated to undertake landscaping of the grounds and constructing external structures. Ecomotive have gone on to take on the contract to act as self-finish managers for BCLT’s second development at Shaldon Road.