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Supporting communities to build their own solutions since 2006

Ecomotive’s story


Ecomotive is a workers’ co-operative which grew out of the Ashley Vale self build project in Bristol. After completing their own self build home, Jackson Moulding and Anna Hope wanted to be able to offer other people the same opportunity to design and build their own homes in a community setting. And so Ecomotive was born.

Our name (Eco = from the Greek root of ‘home’; Motive = ‘reason for action’) symbolises the way in which we take action to create opportunities for more sustainable homes, and empower others to do the same. Over the years we have grown and evolved, building up a strong core team supported by an inspiring collective of professional associates and volunteers.

Ecomotive operates in many different spheres, from the grassroots through to the national policy arena. You might equally see us giving a presentation at a housing conference or a spontaneous radio interview on the stage of a music festival. We are passionate about what we do and are willing to go the extra mile in order to bring quality to every area of our work. We especially love to get hands-on, and a highlight of our year is building the Ecomotive ‘structure’ at Glastonbury Festival.

Our ethos is to be creative, flexible and solution-focused and we enjoy taking on a bit of a challenge!


Ecomotive grew from the experience of The Yard, a 40 home self-build project in Bristol. It remains both an exemplar community housing project and a strong, vibrant community.

Creating sustainable homes and communities


Our vision is a future where people live in homes and communities that enable them to truly flourish and to contribute towards a fairer and more resilient society.

Our purpose is to use our knowledge, skills and experience to create new models of sustainable development which help deliver this vision.

Our strategy is to bring together the basic building blocks that will offer a simple and affordable route to collective self build: land / custom build / training and support. We collaborate with others to create opportunities and deliver change in ways that are playful, creative and empowering.

As well as enabling self and custom build developments, Ecomotive acts as an agent for change, through the following activities:

Inspiring the grass roots: We help people work out the best solution for their community.

Informing the professional sector: Demonstrating the benefits of community-involved development.

Connecting self builders with local councils: Letting local authorities know detailed evidence of interest in self and custom build in their area.


Ecomotive is built from a strong community of housing specialists