The Community Led Housing event at the Wordsworth Centre - As it happened

Our event on Wednesday (2nd October) at the Wordsworth Centre in Lockleaze, saw a gathering of the pioneers behind Community Led Housing (CLH) in Bristol.

The speakers each gave us the benefit of their own experiences, professional and personal views on the whole spectrum of issues, challenges and opportunities relating to Community Led Housing. This included how we could achieve it on a meaningful scale and the many positive impacts that a big increase in support for CLH across our communities could bring. Such as breaking out of the traps inherent in the current housing system, which can proliferate new ideas of how we can live together with greater equality, financial ease and within planetary boundaries of carbon use.

A big thanks also goes to Sylva and Amber for making the delicious cakes , as well as all of our volunteers who supported this event.

The speakers who attended were Kelly Thomas (Community Led Housing Leader of Bristol City Council), Keith Cowling (Chair of Bristol Community Land Trust), Susan Cataldi (Lead of Community Led Housing Hub), Lindy Morgan (Chief Executive of Bristol Community Land Trust) and Alex Budgen (Community Led Housing Officer for Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust). We also held a Q & A for the audience to ask about what can be done to solve issues such as financing future projects.

The key points were captured by Maddy Longhurst during the talk. Click the notes in the pictures below for the key points, including info on the new CLH HUB, the Enablers, the Community Land Trust and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust.


The Lockleaze Community led housing drop in session - 17th October


The Eco-build D.I.Y and Home energy event has been postponed!