We bought Bridge Farm

The wonderful Bridge Farm in Stapleton in Bristol was bought through community involvement by the Ashley Vale Action Group, with the support of Ecomotive.

The community raised over half a million pounds to support towards the purchase of the farm, which consists of the beautiful listed farmhouse, outbuildings and 3.5 acres of land.

The plan is to create opportunities for people to live on the site through the creation of self build and custom build opportunities.  We are looking at tiny homes as part of the project, as well as permaculture design principles leading the design aspects.  There is a huge amount of heritage in the existing buildings that creates the magic of the place.

If you interested in being part of the project, or if you have something to contribute. Whether that is finance, skills, knowledge, equipment or your time, please get involved.  There is a dedicated website set up for the farm, so please express your interest through that.