Leah Eatwell

My background is in community project management and have always had a passion for investigating, enabling and contributing to community. A core question and thread that runs through all I do, is to ask how people can participate in grassroots self organising in a meaningful way to create communities that act as a stable ground to contribute to individual empowerment that overflows to contribute to the wider empowerment of society.

I believe that living in collaborative, cooperative, harmonious community goes a long way towards offering solutions to all major societal epidemics that we face today through overcoming isolationism and disconnection, inspiring engagement with, and implantation of sustainable and practical solutions that in turn support ecological and mental health issues.

As co-founding director and Project Manager of the Fishponds Co-Build project, a grassroots community led housing group, who has secured their own site in Fishponds with a mission to develop it into an affordable flagship community development. I am super motivated to enable our project to reach completion, as well as support other community groups to realise their own projects.

I am delighted to be part of the Ecomotive team, to support the effective delivery of their current projects, as well as contribute to their much wider aspirations to see how we can have the most beneficial impact on the housing sector and Bristol City at large.