Anna Hope

I have 18 years’ experience in community self-build, having spent time as a Director of Ashley Vale Action Group and building my own timber-framed home as part of the Ashley Vale self build project in Bristol. I also previously worked for 10 years on science and evidence, policy development and communication in the environment sector.

More recently, caring for my two children has given me a wider perspective on the importance of creating strong, empowered and sustainable communities where people trust one other and help each other out and children can play safely outdoors.

I’m one of the founding directors of Ecomotive and day-to-day I am responsible for coordinating and delivering our collective housing project support programme, workshops, tours, events and consultancy services as well as researching new models and opportunities in the community-led self build sector.

In 2018 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship, which is supporting me to visit Germany, Holland, Australia and New Zealand to research alternative models of housing delivery and bring back knowledge to support the growth of the self build and community-led housing sector in the UK.