SNUG homes is an innovative project which supports people to custom-build their own affordable, adaptable and environmentally-friendly homes and communities. Ecomotive developed the SNUG home concept based on a simple timber-framed module, which can be used as a single unit or joined with others to create a larger dwelling.

Our SNUG home (aka Modulhus) design won NaCSBA’s “Self-build on a Shoestring” competition in 2016. As a strategic partner of Bristol’s Green Capital 2015, we undertook various forms of outreach work around our early SNUG designs as part of a wider conversation on affordable housing. The SNUG home reflects Bristol’s atmosphere of fun, creativity and sustainability. As well as helping to establish custom build communities in the city we also want to inspire people to design and build new living spaces that help us live with a lighter footprint on the environment.

SNUG makes things as simple as possible. Residents can choose the number, size and arrangement of modules for the size of home they need. The part-finished modules are delivered to site for residents to complete themselves according to their own specification. It’s easy to create terraces or apartment blocks by stacking the modules, and they lend themselves well to more collective ways of living, such as cohousing, where homes can be smaller because people also have access to shared living spaces.

Check out the links below to explore more about SNUG living and to find out how you could get involved.

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Special thanks to:

James Walker of Milner Associates

Alex Dutton of Barton Willmore

Craig White of White Design

Ade Morley of Trunk to Twig

James Ford of Wind and Sun


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