Strong, resilient, healthy communities

Joining a SNUG homes custom build project is not only an opportunity to build your own home, but also to create a strong community around you.

Having a say in local decisions and having close contact with neighbours increases people’s wellbeing (Hothi at al., 2008). By involving the residents at every step of the way, giving them the freedom to make some choices over the design of their homes and the way that these are integrated into communities, Ecomotive empowers people to take responsibility over the stewardship of their homes and neighbourhoods.

Buying a SNUG home package will include not just a home but also training in design and building skills, as well as support and mentoring from a range of professionals. We will offer face-to-face and online networking opportunities to help people share ideas and knowledge. All participants will become both student and teacher. With the new skills and confidence developed through the learning and building process, participants will have new opportunities for employment in the future.