SNUG Delivery

A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul” – Phillip Moffitt.

Our vision is a simple custom build package that not only creates opportunities for people to build homes that they love, but also to learn new skills, create new jobs and forge strong communities.


Our delivery process within a controlled environment (whether a temporary or a permanent factory) will enable the core structure to be put together by skilled craftspeople, creating an airtight and robust set of modules that are ready for internal and external completion.

A SNUG customer can then choose from two options:

  1. Custom build. Customer chooses from a menu of internal and external finishing options. Modules are transported to site and our construction team completes the build on site.
  2. Self finish. Modules are transported to site and customer is responsible for completing the internal and external works once the modules are installed.

Our aim is to create a factory in Bristol capable of building 5-10 homes simultaneously. Within this factory we will also create a community hub, providing opportunities for construction training, including carpentry, tool usage, kitchen fitting, plumbing, flooring, internal wall construction, tiling, etc. Training will also be offered in finding land, obtaining planning permission and building control sign-off, with additional support for groups that wish to undertake collective projects.

For all customers we will also supply a manual containing structural plans, detailed instructions for how to self-finish or adapt the modules, recommendations for installing services, guidance on meeting Building Regulations and Passivhaus standard and advice on how residents can get the most out of their home once they are living in it.