Is a SNUG home for me?

SNUG homes are designed with flexibility in mind, so they can pretty much suit anyone. Here are some of the routes you could take towards living in a SNUG home:

If you have a plot of land already – either a building plot or maybe in your back garden, you could buy a SNUG shell (the watertight structure, without internal or external finish) off-plan from us, choosing from a range of sizes and door/window layouts. You’ll need to apply for planning permission first, and we can assist you in this process. We will deliver it to site and make sure the structure is fully sealed and watertight. We will offer options for either ‘turnkey’ delivery (we complete the build for you) or ‘self finish’ (you complete the internal and external finishes with support from our trainers if required).

If you are part of a self build group which has land already, we can provide SNUG shells as custom build homes for your project. The shells will arrive on site and we will assemble them for you. If you wish, you can choose to do the finishing work yourselves, assisted by our training programme and an experienced self-finish manager.

If you are a community housing enabler – for example a community land trust or housing association – we can supply SNUG shells or completed homes, along with our training and project management package, as an easy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective custom build solution.

If you are part of a group that is looking for land to build on, or would like to join a group self build project, please contact us to discuss potential plot opportunities. We are currently developing our plans for a SNUG plot sales service, where you can buy or rent a SNUG shell or home built to your choice of design, along with our training and project management package, as part of a custom build community.

SNUG modules can also have many other applications – for example as offices, workshops, community buildings, renewable energy plant rooms, etc etc… If you’d like to explore how we can help you find an eco-friendly solution to your building needs, get in touch!