Housing Associations and CLTs

With growing momentum behind the custom build sector, many developers, housing associations and community land trusts are exploring the exciting possibilities that it offers.

The National Housing Strategy for England recognises the multiple benefits of self build as a mainstream method of housing delivery. Self build and custom build have exciting potential to be used as a low-cost way of creating affordable homes within stronger and more resilient communities.

Previous experience of community-scale custom build projects demonstrates that allowing people to play a part in designing and/or building their own homes creates a sense of empowerment that has long lasting benefits, both on a personal and on a community level. It also allows people to develop valuable skills that will expand opportunities for employment.

Incorporating self build or custom build into your affordable housing development will showcase your commitment to sustainability and economic regeneration and create a lasting legacy for the future.

Delivery services:

Our delivery services are bespoke to your particular needs and include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Masterplanning
  • Planning and public consultation
  • Sales of SNUG homes (modular custom build homes)
  • Group application and selection services
  • Project management for self build groups
  • Training for self builders

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.