The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015

Traditionally, self-build homes in the UK have been the stories of a relatively small set of enthusiasts, but the government is keen to make them a more important part of the housing market. The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Bill 2015, a private members’ bill that was sponsored by Richard Bacon, Conservative MP for South Norfolk, was passed into law in March 2015.

A brief summary of purpose of the Self-Build and Custom Housing Act is as follows: “To place a duty on local authorities to keep a register of individuals and community groups who have expressed an interest in acquiring land to bring forward self-build and custom-build projects and to take account of and make provision for the interests of those on such registers in developing their housing initiatives and their local plans; to allow volume house builders to include self-build and custom-build projects as contributing towards their affordable housing obligations, when in partnership for this purpose with a Registered Social Landlord; and for connected purposes.”

The Act represents a strengthening of previous guidance to local authorities, requiring them to be responsive and solution-orientated to national and local demand for self build and custom build.  This is why Ecomotive has set up the Local Self Build Register and is working closely with many progressive local authorities. The register provides a fast-track solution to measure demand on the local level, while using a single platform also has the benefits of providing regional and national data to support the continued growth and evolution of the self-build and custom build market.