Are you a Local Authority wanting to explore self and custom build?

Government policy now requires local planning authorities in England to actively assess the demand for self-build in their area. Authorities are also required to put together a register of interested people and to have regard to this list in developing plans for housing and regeneration and when disposing of land.

The Local Self Build Register is an online platform to help local authorities meet these planning requirements quickly and cost effectively.

What does it do?

The Local Self Build Register:

  • Establishes detailed evidence of demand for self/custom build in your area
  • Provides data to feed into SHMAs and Local Plans
  • Gathers names and contact details for Local Register of interest in self and custom build

How does it work?

The Local Self Build Register gathers detailed information from people across the UK who want to build their own home and holds it securely for use by local authorities. Local authorities can access data on respondents wishing to self build in their area by subscribing to the Register, which provides a range of reporting options.

We also provide a range of complementary services to help local authority get the most out of the Local Self Build Register and meet the demand for self/custom build in your area.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke surveys
  • Additional data analysis
  • Presentation and analysis of report results to your local authority
  • Customer relationship management
  • Public events and community engagement

Who operates the Register?

The Local Self Build Register has been set up by Ecomotive to streamline the process of communication between self builders and local authorities, so that accurate data on self build demand can feed into local policies and projects. Ecomotive is a social enterprise, working to create more sustainable communities through supporting and enabling self-build and self-finish projects that have environmental, social and economic sustainability at their core.

We have a track record of undertaking custom build demand surveys, with customers including the London Legacy Development Corporation and Cherwell District Council. We were instrumental in setting up the National Self Build Association (now NaCSBA) in 2008 and played a key role in its work on community-led self build and custom build. We also collaborate closely with other community-led housing organisations such as the UK Cohousing Network and the CLT Network.

Please contact us for an information pack and details of how you can sign up.