1 in 7 People want to Self-Build in the next 12 months

In 2014 NaCSBA (the National Custom and Self Build Association) conducted a national MORI poll. The survey found that one in seven (14%) Brits (around 7 million people) planned to research how to build a home for themselves within the next 12 months.  Self build and custom build are in huge demand on a national scale.

Ecomotive director Jackson Moulding, who was previously vice-chair of NaCSBA’s predecessor NaSBA for five years, has witnessed this demand first hand. In response to the largely unmet demand for more affordable and ecological custom build homes, Ecomotive is developing the SNUG project as one possible solution.

One of the key challenges of providing affordable housing is that the housing and land markets continue to rise disproportionately compared to household income. In 1978 the average income in the UK was £6,500 and the house price was £13,820 (average rent 167 pm).  In 2014 the average income in the UK was £26,500 and the average house price was £250,000  (average rent £741 pm).  With mortgages representing almost ten times the average salary, it’s no wonder those still wanting access affordable housing are now looking at self build, which can reduce costs by 20%-40% compared to buying an existing home.

Our aim is to create SNUG communities where  people have the opportunity to own a micro-eco home that has minimal running costs and can be built for under £40,000. The SNUG offers an opportunity for people to experience supported self-build on a small scale whilst being free from the ‘renting trap’ and not being burdened with market-inflated mortgages. Less is definitely more.